The OpenVX Specification  r28647
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VX Directory Reference


file  vx.h [code]
 The top level OpenVX Header.
file  vx_api.h [code]
 The API definition for OpenVX.
file  vx_kernels.h [code]
 The list of supported kernels in the OpenVX standard.
file  vx_nodes.h [code]
 The "Simple" API interface for OpenVX. These APIs are just wrappers around the more verbose functions defined in vx_api.h.
file  vx_types.h [code]
 The type definitions required by OpenVX Library.
file  vx_vendors.h [code]
 The Vendor ID list for OpenVX.
file  vxu.h [code]
 The OpenVX Utility Library.