The OpenVX Specification  r28647
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Framework: Performance Measurement

Detailed Description

Defines Performance measurement and reporting interfaces.

In OpenVX, both vx_graph objects and vx_node objects track performance information. A client can query either object type using their respective vxQuery<Object> function with their attribute enumeration VX_<OBJECT>_ATTRIBUTE_PERFORMANCE along with a vx_perf_t structure to obtain the performance information.

vx_perf_t perf;
vxQueryNode(node, VX_NODE_ATTRIBUTE_PERFORMANCE, &perf, sizeof(perf));

Data Structures

struct  vx_perf_t
 The performance measurement structure. More...

Data Structure Documentation

struct vx_perf_t

The performance measurement structure.

Definition at line 1292 of file vx_types.h.

Data Fields
vx_uint64 tmp Holds the last measurement.
vx_uint64 beg Holds the first measurement in a set.
vx_uint64 end Holds the last measurement in a set.
vx_uint64 sum Holds the summation of durations.
vx_uint64 avg Holds the average of the durations.
vx_uint64 min Holds the minimum of the durations.
vx_uint64 num Holds the number of measurements.