The OpenVX Specification  r28647
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Advanced Framework API

Detailed Description

Describes components that are considered to be advanced.

Advanced topics include: extensions through User Kernels; Reflection and Introspection; Performace Tweaking through Hinting and Directives; and Debugging Callbacks.


 Framework: Node Callbacks
 Allows Clients to receive a callback after a specific node has completed execution.
 Framework: Performance Measurement
 Defines Performance measurement and reporting interfaces.
 Framework: Log
 Defines the debug logging interface.
 Framework: Hints
 Defines the Hints Interface.
 Framework: Directives
 Defines the Directives Interface.
 Framework: User Kernels
 Defines the User Kernels, which are a method to extend OpenVX with new vision functions.
 Framework: Graph Parameters
 Defines the Graph Parameter API.