The OpenVX Specification  r28647
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Detailed Description

Defines the basic objects within OpenVX.

All objects in OpenVX derive from a vx_reference and contain a reference to the vx_context from which they were made, except the vx_context itself.


 Object: Reference
 Defines the Reference Object interface.
 Object: Context
 Defines the Context Object Interface.
 Object: Graph
 Defines the Graph Object interface.
 Object: Node
 Defines the Node Object interface.
 Object: Array
 Defines the Array Object Interface.
 Object: Convolution
 Defines the Image Convolution Object interface.
 Object: Distribution
 Defines the Distribution Object Interface.
 Object: Image
 Defines the Image Object interface.
 Object: LUT
 Defines the Look-Up Table Interface.
 Object: Matrix
 Defines the Matrix Object Interface.
 Object: Pyramid
 Defines the Image Pyramid Object Interface.
 Object: Remap
 Defines the Remap Object Interface.
 Object: Scalar
 Defines the Scalar Object interface.
 Object: Threshold
 Defines the Threshold Object Interface.