The OpenVX Specification  r28647
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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 Cvx_border_mode_tUse with the enumeration VX_NODE_ATTRIBUTE_BORDER_MODE to set the border mode behavior of a node that supports borders
 Cvx_coordinates2d_tThe 2D Coordinates structure
 Cvx_coordinates3d_tThe 3D Coordinates structure
 Cvx_delta_rectangle_tThe changes in dimensions of the rectangle between input and output images in an output parameter validator. Used in conjunction with VX_META_FORMAT_ATTRIBUTE_DELTA_RECTANGLE and vxSetMetaFormatAttribute
 Cvx_imagepatch_addressing_tThe addressing image patch structure is used by the Host only to address pixels in an image patch. The fields of the structure are defined as:
 Cvx_kernel_info_tThe Kernel Information Structure. This is returned by the Context to indicate which kernels are available in the OpenVX implementation
 Cvx_keypoint_tThe keypoint data structure
 Cvx_perf_tThe performance measurement structure
 Cvx_rectangle_tThe rectangle data structure that is shared with the users