Khronos OpenVX Registry

The OpenVX registry contains specifications of the core API, headers, extensions, and related documentation.

OpenVX Core API Specification, Headers, and Documentation

The current version of OpenVX is OpenVX 1.2.

The current safety critical version of OpenVX is OpenVX1.1 SC.

Older Specifications

Older versions of the OpenVX Specification provided for reference.

OpenVX 1.1

OpenVX 1.1 Sample Implementation

OpenVX 1.1 Sample Code (last updated June 17, 2016).

OpenVX 1.0.1

OpenVX 1.0

OpenVX Extensions

Providing Feedback on the Registry

Khronos welcomes comments and bug reports. To provide feedback on the OpenVX registry itself (such as reporting missing content, bad links, etc.), file an issue in the OpenVX-Registry Github project.

For the OpenVX API, extensions, and headers, file a bug on the Khronos Bugzilla . Make sure to fill in the "Product" field in the bug entry form as "OpenVX", and pick appropriate values for the Component and other fields.