glXGetContextIDEXT — get the XID for a context.

C Specification

GLXContextID glXGetContextIDEXT(const GLXContext ctx);



Specifies a GLX rendering context.


glXGetContextIDEXT returns the XID associated with a GLXContext.

No round trip is forced to the server; unlike most X calls that return a value, glXGetContextIDEXT does not flush any pending events.

glXGetContextIDEXT is part of the GLX_EXT_import_context extension, not part of the core GLX command set. If GLX_EXT_import_context is included in the string returned by glXQueryExtensionsString, the extension is supported.


None is returned if ctx is NULL. Otherwise, if ctx does not refer to a valid context, undefined behavior results.

See Also

glXCreateContext, glXQueryVersion, glXQueryExtensionsString


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