Enqueue a marker command to queue.

int enqueue_marker ( queue_t  queue ,
  uint  num_events_in_wait_list ,
  const clk_event_tevent_wait_list ,
  clk_event_tevent_ret )


Enqueue a marker command to queue. The marker command waits for a list of events to complete, or if the list is empty it waits for all previously enqueued commands in queue to complete before the marker completes.

event_ret must not be NULL as otherwise this is a no-op.

If an event is returned, enqueue_marker performs an implicit retain on the returned event.


enqueue_marker returns CL_SUCCESS if the marked command is enqueued successfully and returns CL_ENQUEUE_FAILURE otherwise. If the –g compile option is specified in compiler options passed to clCompileProgram or clBuildProgram, the following errors may be returned instead of CL_ENQUEUE_FAILURE to indicate why enqueue_marker failed to enqueue the marker command:

  • CLK_INVALID_QUEUE if queue is not a valid device queue.
  • CLK_INVALID_EVENT_WAIT_LIST if event_wait_list is NULL and num_events_in_wait_list is greater than zero, or if event_wait_list is not NULL and num_events_in_wait_list is zero, or if event objects in event_wait_list are not valid events.
  • CLK_DEVICE_QUEUE_FULL if queue is full.
  • CLK_EVENT_ALLOCATION_FAILURE if event_ret is not NULL and an event could not be allocated.
  • CLK_OUT_OF_RESOURCES if there is a failure to queue the block in queue because of insufficient resources needed to execute the kernel.


OpenCL Specification

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