Deprecated OpenCL Functions

OpenCL Features Deprecated in OpenCL 2.0

  • clCreateCommandQueue
  • clCreateSampler
  • clEnqueueTask
  • The CL_DEVICE_HOST_UNIFIED_MEMORYparam_name argument to clGetDeviceInfo.
  • The CL_DEVICE_QUEUE_PROPERTIESparam_name argument to clGetDeviceInfo (replaced by CL_DEVICE_QUEUE_ON_HOST_PROPERTIES).
  • The CL_IMAGE_BUFFERparam_name argument to clGetImageInfo.
  • The OpenCL 1.2 atomic built-in functions for 32-bit integer and floating-point data types defined in section 6.12.11 of the OpenCL 1.2 specification.

OpenCL 1.1 Features Deprecated in OpenCL 1.2

  • clEnqueueMarker, clEnqueueBarrier, clEnqueueWaitForEvents
  • clCreateImage2D, clCreateImage3D
  • clUnloadCompiler, clGetExtensionFunctionAddress
  • clCreateFromGLTexture2D, clCreateFromGLTexture3D
  • CL_DEVICE_MIN_DATA_TYPE_ALIGN_SIZE value for the param_name argument to clGetDeviceInfo

OpenCL 1.0 Features Deprecated in OpenCL 1.1

  • clSetCommandQueueProperty
  • __ROUNDING_MODE__ macro
  • -cl-strict-aliasing option for the options argument to clBuildProgram


OpenCL Specification

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