Extension to allow an API to release a context.

#pragma OPENCL EXTENSION cl_khr_terminate_context : enable


Today, OpenCL provides an API to release a context. This operation is done only after all queues, memory object, programs and kernels are released, which in turn might wait for all ongoing operations to complete. However, there are cases in which a fast release is required, or release operation cannot be done, as commands are stuck in mid execution. An example of the first case can be program termination due to exception, or quick shutdown due to low power. Examples of the second case are when a kernel is running too long, or gets stuck, or it may result from user action which makes the results of the computation unnecessary.

In many cases, the driver or the device is capable of speeding up the closure of ongoing operations when the results are no longer required in a much more expedient manner than waiting for all previously enqueued operations to finish.

This extension implements a new query to check whether a device can terminate an OpenCL context and adds an API to terminate a context.


OpenCL Specification

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