Specifying Attribute For Unrolling Loops

Specifying Attribute For Unrolling Loops.



The __attribute__((opencl_unroll_hint)) and __attribute__((opencl_unroll_hint(n))) attribute qualifiers can be used to specify that a loop (for, while and do loops) can be unrolled. This attribute qualifier can be used to specify full unrolling or partial unrolling by a specified amount. This is a compiler hint and the compiler may ignore this directive.

n is the loop unrolling factor and must be a positive integral compile time constant expression. An unroll factor of 1 disables unrolling. If n is not specified, the compiler determines the unrolling factor for the loop.

NOTE: The __attribute__((opencl_unroll_hint(n))) attribute qualifier must appear immediately before the loop to be affected.


__attribute__((opencl_unroll_hint(2))) while (*s != 0) *p++ = *s++;

This tells the compiler to unroll the above while loop by a factor of 2.

__attribute__((opencl_unroll_hint)) for (int i=0; i<2; i++) { … }

In the example above, the compiler will determine how much to unroll the loop.

__attribute__((opencl_unroll_hint(1))) for (int i=0; i<32; i++) { … }

The above is an example where the loop should not be unrolled.

Below are some examples of invalid usage of __attribute__((opencl_unroll_hint(n))).

__attribute__((opencl_unroll_hint(-1))) while (…) { … }

The above example is an invalid usage of the loop unroll factor as the loop unroll factor is negative.

__attribute__((opencl_unroll_hint)) if (…) { … }

The above example is invalid because the unroll attribute qualifier is used on a non-loop construct.

kernel void my_kernel( … ) { int x; __attribute__((opencl_unroll_hint(x)) for (int i=0; i<x; i++) { … } }

The above example is invalid because the loop unroll factor is not a compile-time constant expression.


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