Data Types

OpenCL data types.


These are the data types available in the OpenCL C programming language. Click on a category name in the table below to see information about specific data types.

Data type category Included data types
Scalar data types bool, char, cl_char, unsigned char, uchar, cl_uchar, short, cl_short, unsigned short, ushort, int, unsigned int, uint, long, unsigned long, ulong, float, half, size_t, ptrdiff_t, intptr_t, uintptr_t, void, and optional double precision and half floating point types.
Vector data types charn, ucharn, shortn, ushortn, intn, uintn, longn, ulongn, floatn, and optional doublen and halfn types.
Abstract data types cl_platform_id, cl_device_id, cl_context, cl_command_queue, cl_mem, cl_program, cl_kernel, cl_event, cl_sampler
Reserved Data Types booln, halfn, quad, quadn, complex half, complex halfn, imaginary half, imaginary halfn, complex float, complex floatn, imaginary float, imaginary floatn, complex double, complex doublen, imaginary double, imaginary doublen, complex quad, complex quadn, imaginary quad, imaginary quadn, floatnxm, doublenxm, long double, long doublen, long long, long longn, unsigned long long, ulong long, ulong longn, long
Other data types image2d_t, image3d_t, sampler_t, event_t


OpenCL Specification

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