Creates an OpenCL buffer object from a Direct3D 10 buffer.

cl_mem clCreateFromD3D10BufferKHR( cl_context context,
  cl_mem_flags flags,
  ID3D10Buffer *resource,
  cl_int  *errcode_ret )



A valid OpenCL context created from a Direct3D 10 device.


A bit-field that is used to specify usage information. May be CL_MEM_READ_ONLY, CL_MEM_WRITE_ONLY, or CL_MEM_READ_WRITE. (See the table for clCreateBuffer for more information.)


A pointer to the Direct3D 10 buffer to share.


An appropriate error code. If errcode_ret is NULL, no error code is returned.


The size of the returned OpenCL buffer object is the same as the size of resource. This call will increment the internal Direct3D reference count on resource. The internal Direct3D reference count on resource will be decremented when the OpenCL reference count on the returned OpenCL memory object drops to zero.


Returns CL_SUCCESS returns a valid non-zero OpenCL buffer object and errcode_ret is set to CL_SUCCESS if the buffer object is created successfully. Otherwise, it returns a NULL value with one of the following error values returned in errcode_ret:

  • CL_INVALID_CONTEXT if context is not a valid context.
  • CL_INVALID_VALUE if values specified in flags are not valid.
  • CL_INVALID_D3D10_RESOURCE_KHR if resource is not a Direct3D 10 buffer resource, if resource was created with the D3D10_USAGE flag D3D10_USAGE_IMMUTABLE, if a cl_mem from resource has already been created using clCreateFromD3D10BufferKHR, or if context was not created against the same Direct3D 10 device from which resource was created.
  • CL_OUT_OF_HOST_MEMORY if there is a failure to allocate resources required by the OpenCL implementation on the host.


OpenCL Specification

Also see

cl_khr_d3d10_sharing, clGetDeviceIDsFromD3D10KHR, clCreateFromD3D10Texture2DKHR, clCreateFromD3D10Texture3DKHR, clEnqueueAcquireD3D10ObjectsKHR, clEnqueueReleaseD3D10ObjectsKHR

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