Read half float vector from a pointer to memory.

floatn vloada_halfn ( size_t offset,
  __global half *p)
floatn vloada_halfn_rte ( size_t offset,
  __local half *p)
floatn vloada_halfn_rtz ( size_t offset,
  __constant half *p)
floatn vloada_halfn_rtp ( size_t offset,
  __private half *p)


Return sizeof(floatn) bytes of data read from location (p + (offset * n)).

The halfn values are read from location (p + (offset * n)) and then converted to single precision floating point. The read address computed as (p + (offset * n)) must be aligned to sizeof(half) * number of half elements being read (given by n) bytes.


OpenCL Specification

Also see

Vector Data Load and Store Functions

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