Symbolic Math Constants

The following symbolic constants are available.

Built-in Math Constants

Constant Name Description
MAXFLOAT Value of maximum non-infinite single-precision floating-point number.
HUGE_VALF A positive float constant expression. HUGE_VALF evaluates to +infinity. Used as an error value returned by the built-in math functions.
INFINITY A constant expression of type float representing positive or unsigned infinity.
NAN A constant expression of type float representing a quiet NaN.

Double Math Constants

The following constants are also available if the built-in math functions are extended with cl_khr_fp64. They are of type double and are accurate within the precision of the double type.

Constant Name Description
M_E Value of e
M_LOG2E Value of log2e
M_LOG10E Value of log10e
M_LN2 Value of loge2
M_LN10 Value of loge10
M_PI Value of pi
M_PI_2 Value of pi / 2
M_PI_4 Value of pi / 4
M_1_PI Value of 1 / pi
M_2_PI Value of 2 / pi
M_2_SQRTPI Value of 2 / (square root of pi)
M_SQRT2 Value of square root of 2
M_SQRT1_2 Value of 1 / (square root of 2)


OpenCL Specification

Also see

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