eglWaitGL — Complete GL execution prior to subsequent native rendering calls

C Specification

EGLBoolean eglWaitGL( void);  


All OpenGL ES rendering calls for the currently bound OpenGL ES context made prior to eglWaitGL are guaranteed to be executed before native rendering calls made after eglWaitGL. The same result can be achieved using glFinish.

eglWaitGL is ignored if there is no current EGL rendering context for OpenGL ES.


eglWaitClient is supported only if the EGL version is 1.2 or greater.

eglWaitClient is a generalized version of eglWaitGL, supporting multiple client APIs. For backwards compatibility, eglWaitGL continues to be supported and is equivalent to the series of commands

              EGLenum api = eglQueryAPI();


EGL_FALSE is returned if eglWaitGL fails, EGL_TRUE otherwise.

EGL_BAD_CURRENT_SURFACE is generated if the surface associated with the current context has a native window or pixmap, and that window or pixmap is no longer valid.