eglDestroySync — Destroy a sync object

C Specification

EGLBoolean eglDestroySync( (EGLDisplay display,
  EGLSync sync);



Specifies the EGL display connection.


Specifies the sync object to destroy.


eglDestroySync is used to destroy an existing sync object.

If any eglClientWaitSync or eglWaitSync commands are blocking on sync when eglDestroySync is called, sync is flagged for deletion and will be deleted when the associated fence command or OpenCL event object has completed, and sync is no longer blocking any such egl*WaitSync command. Otherwise, the sync object is destroyed immediately.

If no errors are generated, EGL_TRUE is returned, and sync will no longer be the handle of a valid sync object.


On failure, eglDestroySync returns EGL_FALSE.

If sync is not a valid sync object for display, EGL_FALSE is returned and an EGL_BAD_PARAMETER error is generated.

If display does not match the display passed to eglCreateSync when sync was created, the behaviour is undefined.


eglDestroySync is available only if the EGL version is 1.5 or greater.