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Unifying Reality

OpenXR is a royalty-free, open standard that provides high-performance access to Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)—collectively known as XR—platforms and devices.

OpenXR 0.90 is Here!

The OpenXR 0.90 provisional specification was released on March 18th 2019

OpenXR Reaching for the Moon

“OpenXR seeks to simplify AR/VR software development, enabling applications to reach a wider array of hardware platforms without having to port or re-write their code and subsequently allowing platform vendors supporting OpenXR access to more applications. With the release of the OpenXR provisional specification, AR/VR developers and creators get their first public access to the API for review and comment.”

Prototype OpenXR Runtimes Available for Download

More runtimes to follow soon!

Help Us Build the OpenXR Ecosystem!

The OpenXR 0.90 provisional specification is free for anyone to download, review and comment – please give us feedback on the specification and prototype implementations on the Khronos OpenXR Forums, Slack Channel or Issue Tracker! If you are developing OpenXR-related resources – let us know! On the launch of OpenXR 1.0, the OpenXR Adopters Program will enable any XR Platform vendor to become OpenXR Conformant. If you want to participate directly in the development of the OpenXR standard join Khronos and become a member of the OpenXR Working Group, please visit our Membership page.

Solving XR fragmentation

Without a cross-platform standard, VR and AR applications and engines must use each platform’s proprietary APIs. New input devices need customized driver integration.

Graphic showing fragmentation before OpenXR

OpenXR enables applications to run on any system that exposes the OpenXR APIs. Input device manufacturers will be able to self-integrate their drivers into OpenXR runtimes that expose the device plug-in interface (available in future specification update).

Graphic showing landscape after OpenXR

* OpenXR 1.0 is focused on enabling cross-platform applications. Optional device plugin interface will be supported post V1.0

Companies Publicly Supporting OpenXR

Company logos supporting OpenXR

Industry Quotes

“Microsoft believes that for mixed reality to thrive, it must be open for everyone: open stores, open browsers and open developer platforms. We're dedicated to supporting the launch of OpenXR this year on Windows Mixed Reality and HoloLens 2. To help developers provide feedback, we're releasing today a developer preview of our OpenXR runtime with support for Windows Mixed Reality headsets.”

“Epic believes that open standards like OpenXR are essential foundations for a vibrant, multi-platform VR and AR industry in the coming years. Epic plans to continue supporting OpenXR in Unreal Engine 4.”

“Collabora is excited to announce Monado, an open source implementation of the newly released OpenXR spec. More than just a vendor SDK, Monado is an open source project and codebase to harness and focus wider community effort around XR technologies.”

Philippe Kalaf
CEO, Collabora

“Facebook and Oculus continue to believe in the value the OpenXR standard delivers to users and developers. We plan to provide runtime support for apps built on OpenXR 1.0 on the Rift and Quest platforms later this year.”

“HTC VIVE is committed to creating a viable ecosystem for the XR industry which is why we are proud to support OpenXR. Bringing the community together to help define standards and best practices, allows all of us to move forward, together.”

“Samsung has been a pioneer in delivering a VR and AR experience with our GearVR and mobile phones for the mass market for years, and we are committed to meeting the needs of consumers in all our products. Samsung has been actively engaged in the OpenXR standard since its inception, and we believe that OpenXR will empower developers to focus on creating even more amazing content for AR and VR in the coming years, without getting mired in the quirks of the underlying software or hardware platform. In turn, alleviating the burdens for developers of creating content for multiple disparate platforms will help expand the market reach for everyone in the industry.”