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OpenMAX AL Overview


The Standard for Media Library Portability

OpenMAX™ is a royalty-free, cross-platform API that provides comprehensive streaming media codec and application portability by enabling accelerated multimedia components to be developed, integrated and programmed across multiple operating systems and silicon platforms. The OpenMAX API will be shipped with processors to enable library and codec implementers to rapidly and effectively make use of the full acceleration potential of new silicon - regardless of the underlying hardware architecture.

OpenMAX AL 1.1 at a glance

OpenMAX AL 1.0.1 at a glance

OpenMAX AL is a royalty-free, cross platform open standard for accelerating the capture, and presentation of audio, video, and images in multimedia applications on embedded and mobile devices. OpenMAX AL includes the ability to create and control player and recorder objects and to connect them to configurable inputs and output objects including content readers/writers, audio inputs and outputs, display windows, cameras, analog radios, LEDs, and vibra devices.

  • The OpenMAX AL 1.0.1 specification and header files are available in the Khronos Registry


  1. OpenMAX AL (Application Layer)
    OpenMAX AL provides a standardized interface between an application and multimedia middleware, where multimedia middleware provides the services needed to perform expected API functionality. OpenMAX AL provides application portability with regards to the multimedia interface.
OpenMAX Media Portability Library

Driving Collaboration

OpenMAX is a non-proprietary, royalty-free standard, primarily targeted at middleware developers producing multimedia codecs, games engines and graphics libraries. OpenMAX is widely applicable to all applications where multimedia performance is a critical issue, including smartphones, games consoles, digital televisions and set-top boxes. Through collaboration and support from a growing number of leading stakeholders, the standard will be developed and promoted, with wide industry support and adoption encouraged.

The working group welcomes the input and experience of existing Khronos members, and encourages new members with multimedia knowledge to join and help ensure that the specifications deliver benefits that are relevant to the entire industry. This includes semiconductor manufacturers, independent software vendors, intellectual property vendors, operating system companies and the OEM or product development companies that supply end users.