OpenGL ES Resources

We believe the true usefulness of OpenGL ES goes beyond the spec itself; it is an ecosystem of tools, documentation, and resources contributed by the community. You are encouraged to get involved!

Commercial and Open Source Implementations

Libraries and Frameworks using OpenGL ES

  • GLU ES GLU 1.3 partitial port (libutil and libtess components only) for OpenGL ES 1.x (CM - Common profile) and above.

Learning OpenGL ES

Tutorials, White Papers, and How-to Guides

Presentations and Videos

Case Studies and Example Code

Utilities & Projects

  • Glad Multi-Language GL/GLES/EGL/GLX/WGL Loader-Generator based on the official specs. This is a tool to generate OpenGL function loaders. Select the language, OpenGL / OpenGL ES versions, core or compat profiles, and hit generate. The tool generates a header file with the declarations for the GL functions and enums for the chosen GL version, and generates a little C source file that resolves all of the functions at runtime. The best part is that since the header file is generated for a specific version of OpenGL, one does not need to worry about deprecated functions or unexisting enum values.
  • Shaderific for iOS - OpenGL ES development with GLSL Shaderific is an educational app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch that helps computer science students and experienced developers to get started with OpenGL ES 2.0 shader development. The app makes it possible to write, compile and test shader programs directly on any iOS device without ever touching a laptop or desktop computer.
  • 3D Picture Viewer and Converter A very promising trend in the field of photography is the possibility of shooting stereoscopic pairs of pictures for vivid, realistic 3D visualization by using 3D cameras. However, few people have the special equipment to visualize these pictures or software to easily manipulate and convert them to more popular formats. CMSoft Stereoscopic Picture Editor and Converter is a tool designed to view 3D photographs using OpenGL to render the stereo pair in an animated form called "wiggle stereo", with zoom and crop capabilities. Advanced users can also create their own custom filters in C language using OpenCL technology. OpenCL source code used in the filters and sample .MPO images are available.
  • Java Binding for the OpenGL ES JSR 239: JavaTM Binding for the OpenGL® ES API
  • GLUT|ES - The OpenGL ES Utility Toolkit The OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT), originally written by Mark Kilgard, is a window system independent toolkit for writing OpenGL programs.