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  • Platform specifics: Linux changes

Hi Alfonse!

"Adding copy-written text to this wiki from other sites is not a good idea. All of the copied text must be rewritten."

The main idea was to reorganize the structure of the article and to provide focal points for the reader. Also one of the major goals was, to minimize the amount of text. In this case, - nothing could be better then the original quotes instead of reinventing the weel. Rewritten text of the main ideas of the original autors could change the meaning in unacceptable way, but i should try to do my best against that on the next revision of this article.

"This also makes me concerned about the source of that image you uploaded. Is that copy-written as well? If so, it will have to be removed and/or replaced by an image you can donate."

This image was exported personally by me from the kcachegrind while i profile the simple gl es application. So it's my ownership which i provide for gl wiki without any limits let it be under i.e. MIT licence.

"the styling of the text violates a lot of Wikipedia's manual of style"

Ok, i should pay more attention to the quality of style.

Hi Alfonse! Nothing about wayland currently, but check this out in context of our previous discussion where you said that: - "I'd be interested in seeing a discussion of how Wayland, EGL"

EGL, XCB, GL* & Forget About Xlib

Hi Alfonse. You removed my contributions from What is wrong with them and if so, - where i could read the rules of how to contribute convinient information according to this wiki conventions?

Your content wasn't removed, but it was moved to Platform_specifics:_Linux to keep the main getting started page a little cleaner. Thanks for the contribution! Webmaster (talk) 09:07, 16 July 2015 (EDT)
Yes, that was the idea. The content is quite good, but it's just too comprehensive for an introductory page like Getting Started. We don't want to overload new users with too much information all at once. Also, I'd be interested in seeing a discussion of how Wayland, EGL, and possibly Mir alter the dynamic of OpenGL usage on Linux. Alfonse (talk) 11:08, 16 July 2015 (EDT)
Oh sorry for misunderstanding. Currently i have nothing to contribute about Wayland & EGL but topic is really hot for me and i'll do my best to research & contribute to it later.
Have to say that i am ready to extend the article Platform_specifics:_Linux even more if it is convinient. Also i have to contribute about how to build & fix "OpenSceneGraph 3.3.8 (122) Incompatibile Errors Against OpenGL 4.3 Core Context/Profile (Linux)" In my opinion, - such kinds of frameworks are the good start point not only for beginers.
I generally suggest following the standard Wikipedia guideline: Be Bold. You need not ask for permission to edit something. If you do something wrong, someone will notice and correct it or move it to a more appropriate place.
A suggestion I'd make regarding an article on OpenSceneGraph is to make sure it's in the category, and to use the appropriate infobox template like the rest. Alfonse (talk) 01:12, 17 July 2015 (EDT)


Hi Alfonse, I'm moving the Benchmark page ( to the wiki. Where would you suggest we link to it from the main page of the wiki, or would we? Also, I would like to move the mailing list and newsgroups page from the main site to the wiki. Currently the best place I can see is under Getting Started->External Links->Other. Which seems rather buried. Any suggestions of how to structure that better? Thanks Webmaster (talk) 10:47, 11 March 2013 (PDT)

These pages can be added to the "Other useful information" section at the bottom of the main page. The mailing list/etc page should probably be part of a general "getting help" resource page. I'm working on a more Wikipedia-like restructuring of the main page (see Test Main Page). I could see it going into the sidebar on that page once it's up-and-running. Alfonse (talk) 22:39, 11 March 2013 (PDT)

Hey Alfonse, I followed your advice on updating files and added information on the matter to the webmaster's talk page. Just in case you want t follow. thokra (talk) 06:51, 4 January 2013 (PST)


I only ask that you give constructive criticism or fix the problem instead of merely complaining. I'm not going to devote hours of my time trying to help people like myself looking for answers if that's the case.

Hi, I've added a lot of information to the User:ElFarto/OpenGLBM page, and was looking for some thoughts on it. elFarto 04:52, 30 September 2011 (PDT)
Here's the thing. Unless you intend to actually implement this API (perhaps on top of Linux and AMD's low-level stuff), I don't see what the point of discussing it is. Even if this API were the holy grail, it isn't going to be implemented by anyone unless you do the work yourself. So any discussion would be Sophistry; if nothing's going to come of it, what's the point of speculating?
However, if you insist, I have added some commentary on the idea. Alfonse 11:30, 30 September 2011 (PDT)

I had a previous comment, but I found out it was correct. Thanks, great job.

Transparency sorting

I'm using last version of OpenGL in lwjgl and I found the solution of buffer Z problem with transparency using GL_DEPTH_TEST

" glEnable(GL_DEPTH_BUFFER_BIT); glAlphaFunc(GL_GREATER, 0.1f); "

Works fine, and other webs confirm that. If you read in the wiki...

"The Z buffer doesn't work as you might hope for transparent polygons. The problem is that the Z buffer prevents OpenGL from drawing pixels that are behind things that have already been drawn. Generally, that's pretty convenient, but when the thing in front is translucent, you need to see the things that are behind it. " feel fuc***... but it's not true.

I can prove, GL_DEPTH_BUFFER_BIT and GL_GREATER works fine with the last version.

The first time I searched I read this, and I want to kill someone, I had planned everything with z buffer in my project. But I searched in net a little more and I found the solution.

If you do not want to show people the solution, it's your problem, but it works and many people appreciate. This page about trasnparency, not clarify absolutely anything if you have problems with buffer Z.

Moderation plugin added

There is a new moderation extension added to this wiki. You have been added to the automoderation list, so this should not affect you. The plugin has worked very well at curbing spam on the WebGL wiki over the last several months.

Webmaster (talk) 15:18, 26 October 2018 (UTC)

how do i use this thing

"Framebuffer Objects are OpenGL Objects" are a kind of, or *are* ?

"which allow for the creation of user-defined Framebuffers" this doesn't say if *this* is their purpose or if this is the *only* way to create userdefined framebuffers.

"With them" them? framebuffer objects or userdefined framebuffers?

"one can render to non-Default Framebuffer locations" is this the only way to render to non-default framebuffer locations? is a framebuffer *location* different to a framebuffer? to a framebuffer object? It doesn't explain if one can render to the *default* framebuffer.

", and thus render without disturbing the main screen." is this an option or is this the only way it works? using a framebuffer object prevents 'disturbing' the main screen? what is the 'main screen' ?

"Framebuffer objects are very complicated." uh... does this matter? Is this your personal opinion?

" As such, we need to explicitly define certain terminology." so, in short, the text from 'Semantics' to 'terminology.' means"DEFINITIONS:"

"For the purposes of this article, an image is a single 2D array of pixels. It has a specific format for these pixels." not sure what "with a specific format" means. Does this mean the format must be specified on creation? Or is it predetermined and all 'Images' use this format?

" images of a particular size and format. " again, what the hell does 'particular' mean?

"a texture is an object that contains some number of images" 'some' ? is this number a constant? can it be changed? what the hell does 'some' mean? just pffffrt pick a number 1.34423523e41 there, a number.

" Textures can be accessed from Shaders via various methods." 'via various methods' ? does this matter now? is 'two methods' enough for various? or ten thousand?

"A renderbuffer is an object that contains a single image." so if that's all it is, how is it different from an image? or is it an image with additional data?

"Renderbuffers cannot be accessed by Shaders in any way. " they sure can. indirectly, but that is *a way*.

"The only way to work with a renderbuffer, besides creating it, is to put it into an FBO." 'work with' ? you mean 'use' ? 'put it into' ? You mean 'attach it to'? Also, creation is not use. You create so you *can* use what you created.

"This term is used across all of OpenGL, but FBOs make the most use of the concept. " this is relevant, how?

"Objects are bound to the context; objects are attached to one another." still not clear on the difference.

"A named location within a framebuffer object that a framebuffer-attachable image or layered image can be attached to. " what's a "named location"?

"Any image, as previously described, that can be attached to a framebuffer object.": an image that one may attach to a framebuffer object. "that can be attached" is ambiguous. is it attached *now*, or is it possible *to* attach it?

"The default framebuffer has buffer names like GL_FRONT, GL_BACK, GL_AUXi, GL_ACCUM, and so forth. FBOs do not use these." you're kidding me, right? Please tell me english isn't your native language, i can accept that. This is no way to write documentation. This is how i used to write at university when i tried to pad my essays to fill the mandatory word count.

"Rectangle Textures contain a single 2D image, and thus is identified by mipmap level​ 0." is? the image is identified? or is this a typo? First sentence uses plural, second uses singular.

"You can attach images from any kind of texture to the framebuffer object. " any? last point says buffer textures cannot be attached. this is confusing.

i'm stopping here because this won't get us anywhere.

"Do not do this. What you will get is undefined behavior." what are you doing man, what are you doing.