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  • Lead Developer / Lead Graphics Architect - Poser 3D - Smith Micro Software Inc. - Productivity and Graphics Division
  • Founder, Pittsburgh Video Game Developers Meetup
  • Founder, Sole Proprietor, Lost Astronaut Studios independent game production company @LAGameStudio


  • Director of Software, PieceMaker Technologies Inc (3D Printing Company, "Best in Toy Fair 2016", Popular Science)
  • Contributing Developer, Ecere Corporation, Ecere SDK
  • Beta Tester, PixelJam Games
  • Professional Web Developer, 20+ Years, including @ Garrigan Lyman Group on site "Standard of Excellence 2016"

OpenGL Cred:

I have written my own custom game and graphics engine with 1800+ C++ classes woven on Windows platform

Other programming:

Linux-leaning code and cross-platform libraries on my github account and at Handmade Network