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| shortlabel7  = License
| shortlabel7  = License
| shortdata7  = {{{license|}}}
| shortdata7  = {{{license|}}}
| shortlabel8  = Link
| shortlabel8  = Website
| shortdata8  = {{{site|}}}
| shortdata8  = {{{site|}}}

Latest revision as of 09:42, 25 March 2013

This template displays an information box on the right side of the article that describes a tool (library, utility, etc). This box contains information about the tool, including a link to the tool's website, the most recent version, release date, etc.

This template has a number of parameters, all of them optional:

  • name​: The name you want the box to have. If you don't supply one, it will use the article's name.
  • version​: The version of the tool.
  • release​: Most recent release date of the tool.
  • platform​: The platform(s) supported by the tool.
  • language​: The language(s) supported by the tool.
  • written_lang​: The language it was written in, if different from language.
  • core_support​: Whether it supports core OpenGL profiles.
  • license​: The license the tool is licensed under.
  • site​: The website for the tool.