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A '''Program Object''' represents the compiled executable code, in the [[OpenGL Shading Language]], for one or more [[Shader]] stages. A program object is an object in OpenGL, but it does not use the standard [[OpenGL Object|OpenGL Object model.]]
#REDIRECT [[GLSL Object#Program objects]]
== Creation ==
{{main|Shader Compilation}}
Empty program objects are created with this function:
{{funcdef|GLuint {{apifunc|glCreateProgram}}()}}
This will return an empty program object. Programs are deleted with {{apifunc|glDeleteProgram}}.
Once created, program objects must then be filled in with executable code. This is done by [[Shader Compilation|compiling shader objects and linking them into the program]].
=== Pre-link setup ===
Before performing the linking steps for a shader, it is sometimes important to provide certain settings. OpenGL 3.3 or {{extref|explicit_attrib_location}} has replaced the need for most of this, by allowing shaders to provide these settings itself.
== Introspection ==
{{main|Program Introspection}}
A successfully linked program object can be queries for its various interfaces, so that the user can set uniforms and perform other upkeep on the object.
== State setting ==
Outside of the state used by the [[#Pre-link setup|pre-link setup]], program objects have the following mutable state:
* The current values of all [[Uniform_(GLSL)#Uniform_management|''active'' uniform variables]].
* The current bindings for any [[Interface_Block_(GLSL)#Uniform_blocks|Uniform blocks]].
* The current bindings for any [[Interface_Block_(GLSL)#Manual block binding|Shader storage blocks]].
Note that the last two pieces of state only need to be set if you did not [[Interface_Block_(GLSL)#Block_binding|set them directly in the shader]].
[[Category:OpenGL Shading Language]]
[[Category:OpenGL Shading Language]]

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