Hardware specifics: NVidia

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Current issues

These are known issues for current Nvidia hardware/drivers.

GLSL shader conformance

Early Nvidia GLSL implementations are known to be quite accepting of features of other shading languages like Cg. This has lead to problems when developers using Nvidia cards unknowingly use these features which cause shader compile errors on other hardware.

The classic problem case is using vec3(1,1,1) instead of vec3(1.0, 1.0, 1.0) as GLSL (as of version 1.1) does not do automatic type promotion.

Newer drivers from Nvidia (80+ series) seem to emit warnings when features are used that are non-conformant.

Legacy issues

These issues may affect older drivers/hardware

Multicore CPU and Driver Issue

This is one thread about the issue and you can find more with a search on the forums