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[[Category:Core API Reference|TexBuffer]]
[[Category:Core API Reference|TexBuffer]]
[[Category:Core API Ref Texturing|TexBuffer]]
[[Category:Core API Ref Texturing|TexBuffer]]
[[Category:Texture Object API State Functions|TexBuffer]]

Latest revision as of 10:04, 15 August 2013

Core in version 4.6
Core since version 3.0

glTexBuffer: attach the storage for a buffer object to the active buffer texture

Function Definition

 void glTexBuffer(GLenum target​, GLenum internalFormat​, GLuint buffer​);
Specifies the target of the operation and must be GL_TEXTURE_BUFFER.
Specifies the internal format of the data in the store belonging to buffer​.
Specifies the name of the buffer object whose storage to attach to the active buffer texture.


glTexBuffer attaches the storage for the buffer object named buffer​ to the active buffer texture, and specifies the internal format for the texel array found in the attached buffer object. If buffer​ is zero, any buffer object attached to the buffer texture is detached and no new buffer object is attached. If buffer​ is non-zero, it must be the name of an existing buffer object. target​ must be GL_TEXTURE_BUFFER. internalformat​ specifies the storage format, and must be one of the following sized internal formats:

Internal Format Base Type Count Norm Components
GL_R8 ubyte 1 YES R 0 0 1
GL_R16 ushort 1 YES R 0 0 1
GL_R16F half 1 NO R 0 0 1
GL_R32F float 1 NO R 0 0 1
GL_R8I byte 1 NO R 0 0 1
GL_R16I short 1 NO R 0 0 1
GL_R32I int 1 NO R 0 0 1
GL_R8UI ubyte 1 NO R 0 0 1
GL_R16UI ushort 1 NO R 0 0 1
GL_R32UI uint 1 NO R 0 0 1
GL_RG8 ubyte 2 YES R G 0 1
GL_RG16 ushort 2 YES R G 0 1
GL_RG16F half 2 NO R G 0 1
GL_RG32F float 2 NO R G 0 1
GL_RG8I byte 2 NO R G 0 1
GL_RG16I short 2 NO R G 0 1
GL_RG32I int 2 NO R G 0 1
GL_RG8UI ubyte 2 NO R G 0 1
GL_RG16UI ushort 2 NO R G 0 1
GL_RG32UI uint 2 NO R G 0 1
GL_RGB32F float 3 NO R G B 1
GL_RGB32I int 3 NO R G B 1
GL_RGB32UI uint 3 NO R G B 1
GL_RGBA8 ubyte 4 YES R G B A
GL_RGBA16 ushort 4 YES R G B A
GL_RGBA16F half 4 NO R G B A
GL_RGBA32F float 4 NO R G B A
GL_RGBA8I byte 4 NO R G B A
GL_RGBA16I short 4 NO R G B A
GL_RGBA32I int 4 NO R G B A
GL_RGBA8UI ubyte 4 NO R G B A
GL_RGBA16UI ushort 4 NO R G B A
GL_RGBA32UI uint 4 NO R G B A

When a buffer object is attached to a buffer texture, the buffer object's data store is taken as the texture's texel array. The number of texels in the buffer texture's texel array is given by:

where buffer_size is the size of the buffer object, in basic machine units and components and base type are the element count and base data type for elements, as specified in the table above. The number of texels in the texel array is then clamped to the implementation-dependent limit GL_MAX_TEXTURE_BUFFER_SIZE. When a buffer texture is accessed in a shader, the results of a texel fetch are undefined if the specified texel coordinate is negative, or greater than or equal to the clamped number of texels in the texel array.


GL_INVALID_ENUM is generated if target​ is not GL_TEXTURE_BUFFER.

GL_INVALID_ENUM is generated if internalFormat​ is not one of the accepted tokens.

GL_INVALID_OPERATION is generated if buffer​ is not zero or the name of an existing buffer object.


glTexBuffer is available only if the GL version is 3.1 or greater.

Associated Gets

glGet with argument GL_MAX_TEXTURE_BUFFER_SIZE


glGetTexLevelParameter with argument GL_TEXTURE_BUFFER_DATA_STORE_BINDING

See Also

glActiveTexture, glBindTexture, glGenBuffers, glBufferData, glTexBuffer


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