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Core in version 4.6
Core since version 3.2
Core ARB extension ARB_sync

glGetSynciv: query the properties of a sync object

Function Definition

 void glGetSynciv(GLsync sync, GLenum pname, GLsizei bufSize, GLsizei *length, GLint *values);
Specifies the sync object whose properties to query.
Specifies the parameter whose value to retrieve from the sync object specified in sync.
Specifies the size of the buffer whose address is given in values.
Specifies the address of an variable to receive the number of integers placed in values.
Specifies the address of an array to receive the values of the queried parameter.


glGetSynciv retrieves properties of a sync object. sync specifies the name of the sync object whose properties to retrieve.

On success, glGetSynciv replaces up to bufSize integers in values with the corresponding property values of the object being queried. The actual number of integers replaced is returned in the variable whose address is specified in length. If length is NULL, no length is returned.

If pname is GL_OBJECT_TYPE, a single value representing the specific type of the sync object is placed in values. The only type supported is GL_SYNC_FENCE.

If pname is GL_SYNC_STATUS, a single value representing the status of the sync object (GL_SIGNALED or GL_UNSIGNALED) is placed in values.

If pname is GL_SYNC_CONDITION, a single value representing the condition of the sync object is placed in values. The only condition supported is GL_SYNC_GPU_COMMANDS_COMPLETE.

If pname is GL_SYNC_FLAGS, a single value representing the flags with which the sync object was created is placed in values. No flags are currently supported(Note: flags is expected to be used in future extensions to the sync objects.).

If an error occurs, nothing will be written to values or length.


GL_INVALID_VALUE is generated if sync is not the name of a sync object.

GL_INVALID_ENUM is generated if pname is not one of the accepted tokens.

See Also

glFenceSync, glWaitSync, glClientWaitSync


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