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Core in version 4.6
Core since version 4.1
Core ARB extension ARB_separate_shader_objects

glGetProgramPipelineInfoLog: retrieve the info log string from a program pipeline object

Function Definition

 void glGetProgramPipelineInfoLog(GLuint pipeline​, GLsizei bufSize​, GLsizei *length​, GLchar *infoLog​);
Specifies the name of a program pipeline object from which to retrieve the info log.
Specifies the maximum number of characters, including the null terminator, that may be written into infoLog​.
Specifies the address of a variable into which will be written the number of characters written into infoLog​.
Specifies the address of an array of characters into which will be written the info log for pipeline​.


glGetProgramPipelineInfoLog retrieves the info log for the program pipeline object pipeline​. The info log, including its null terminator, is written into the array of characters whose address is given by infoLog​. The maximum number of characters that may be written into infoLog​ is given by bufSize​, and the actual number of characters written into infoLog​ is returned in the integer whose address is given by length​. If length​ is NULL, no length is returned.

The actual length of the info log for the program pipeline may be determined by calling glGetProgramPipeline with pname​ set to GL_INFO_LOG_LENGTH.


GL_INVALID_OPERATION is generated if pipeline​ is not a name previously returned from a call to glGenProgramPipelines or if such a name has been deleted by a call to glDeleteProgramPipelines.

Associated Gets

glGetProgramPipeline with parameter GL_INFO_LOG_LENGTH.

See Also

glGenProgramPipelines, glBindProgramPipeline, glDeleteProgramPipelines, glGetProgramPipeline, glValidateProgramPipeline


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