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Creating two separable programs, one with a vertex shader and one with a fragment shader.

// Create two separable program objects from a 
// single source string respectively (vertSrc and fragSrc)
GLuint vertProg = glCreateShaderProgramv(GL_VERTEX_SHADER  , 1, &vertSrc);
GLuint fragProg = glCreateShaderProgramv(GL_FRAGMENT_SHADER, 1, &fragSrc);


// Generate a program pipeline and attach the programs to their respective stages
glGenProgramPipelines(1, &pipeline);
glUseProgramStages(pipeline, GL_VERTEX_SHADER_BIT  , vertProg);
glUseProgramStages(pipeline, GL_FRAGMENT_SHADER_BIT, fragProg);

// Query and set any uniforms
GLint colorLoc = glGetUniformLocation(fragProg, "Color");
glProgramUniform4f(fragProg, colorLoc, 1.f, 0.f, 0.f, 1.f);