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Compute Shaders have the following built-in output variables.

in uvec3 gl_NumWorkGroups;
in uvec3 gl_WorkGroupID;
in uvec3 gl_LocalInvocationID;
in uvec3 gl_GlobalInvocationID;
in uint  gl_LocalInvocationIndex;
This variable contains the number of work groups passed to the dispatch function.
This is the current work group for this shader invocation. Each of the XYZ components will be on the half-open range [0, gl_NumWorkGroups.XYZ).
This is the current invocation of the shader within the work group. Each of the XYZ components will be on the half-open range [0, gl_WorkGroupSize.XYZ).
This value uniquely identifies this particular invocation of the compute shader among all invocations of this compute dispatch call. It's a short-hand for the math computation:
gl_WorkGroupID * gl_WorkGroupSize + gl_LocalInvocationID;
This is a 1D version of gl_LocalInvocationID. It identifies this invocation's index within the work group. It is short-hand for this math computation:
  gl_LocalInvocationIndex =
          gl_LocalInvocationID.z * gl_WorkGroupSize.x * gl_WorkGroupSize.y +
          gl_LocalInvocationID.y * gl_WorkGroupSize.x +