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The official OpenGL SDK is a website maintained by the Khronos group (the owners of OpenGL). This site maintains a collection of links to various libraries one can use to aid in the development of OpenGL applications. The SDK site also contains reference documentation for the various OpenGL and GLSL functions, as well as some older tutorials.

As noted on the website, "This is not a traditional SDK in the sense that it doesn't arrive on CD-ROM, and it isn't one monolithic download." It contains descriptions of 3rd party tools, as well as links to those tools for downloads. Each project has its own individual build system and must be downloaded and built individually. Each project has its own documentation and its own website.

As stated on the website, "the contributions have been hand selected and represent the best of what's out there."

A project can be admitted to the SDK by filing a bug report in the OpenGL bug database, under the OpenGL component "Registry", to request admittance.

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