Tessellation Control Shader/Defined Inputs

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Tessellation Control Shaders provide the following built-in input variables:

 in int gl_PatchVerticesIn;
 in int gl_PrimitiveID;
 in int gl_InvocationID;
the number of vertices in the input patch.
the index of the current patch within this rendering command.
the index of the TCS invocation within this patch. A TCS invocation writes to per-vertex output variables by using this to index them.

The TCS also takes the built-in variables output by the vertex shader:

in gl_PerVertex
  vec4 gl_Position;
  float gl_PointSize;
  float gl_ClipDistance[];
} gl_in[gl_MaxPatchVertices];

Note that just because gl_in is defined to have gl_MaxPatchVertices entries does not mean that you can access beyond gl_PatchVerticesIn and get reasonable values. These variables have only the meaning the vertex shader that passed them gave them.