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Image Unit Format Format Qualifier Image Unit Format Format Qualifier
GL_RGBA32F rgba32f GL_RGBA32UI rgba32ui
GL_RGBA16F rgba16f GL_RGBA16UI rgba16ui
GL_RG32F rg32f GL_RGB10_A2UI rgb10_a2ui
GL_RG16F rg16f GL_RGBA8UI rgba8ui
GL_R11F_G11F_B10F r11f_g11f_b10f GL_RG32UI rg32ui
GL_R32F r32f GL_RG16UI rg16ui
GL_R16F r16f GL_RG8UI rg8ui
GL_RGBA16 rgba16 GL_R32UI r32ui
GL_RGB10_A2 rgb10_a2 GL_R16UI r16ui
GL_RGBA8 rgba8 GL_R8UI r8ui
GL_RG16 rg16 GL_RGBA32I rgba32i
GL_RG8 rg8 GL_RGBA16I rgba16i
GL_R16 r16 GL_RGBA8I rgba8i
GL_R8 r8 GL_RG32I rg32i
GL_RGBA16_SNORM rgba16_snorm GL_RG16I rg16i
GL_RGBA8_SNORM rgba8_snorm GL_RG8I rg8i
GL_RG16_SNORM rg16_snorm GL_R32I r32i
GL_RG8_SNORM rg8_snorm GL_R16I r16i
GL_R16_SNORM r16_snorm GL_R8I r8i