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I beleive, there's error in "Blend tex0 and tex1 based on a blending factor you supply" section. It says RGB values aren't matter and you can leave them for blend factor as 0.0, but according to my test on 2 computers and 1 vmware machine, it is a mistake. You should fill BlendFactor[0],[1],[2] with desired values for RGB channels, otherwise it will blend only alpha channel. Should i fix it in article(i mean, this article guides tons of people, i can misguide them. maybe there's bug in my application, or my english sux and i got it wrong)? --S1gular 07:27, 29 March 2011 (CDT)

Am I misunderstanding the intentions of example "Blend tex0 and tex1 based on a blending factor you supply", or are there indeed some errors in it? Where does "GL_SOURCE2_RGB" come from? Weren't we only dealing with SOURCE0 and 1? I also noticed that leaving out all the operands just makes it work too. As I say, I could be totally wrong here, I'm very new to OpenGL...