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Could someone help me I am desperate!!!??
I need to know if I can use opengl 3.7.6 with Microsoft Visual C++ 4.0.
I am using vista on a Dell Studio 540
I have downloaded it to c:\ 
I have downloaded the files glut.h   glut32.lib    glut32.dll to c:\.
I also downloaded opegl drivers.
Also I would like to know all of the capabilities of opengl.
Now what do I do??
someone told me the files go here:  glut.h------->   vc98\include
                                    glut32.lib--->   MSDEVDIR......VC98\lib
                                    glut32.dll--->   Windows\System

I am new to all this and am only up-to-date on a small corner of computer science. 

Thanks :-)