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Core in version 4.6
Core since version 4.0
ARB extension ARB_sample_shading

glMinSampleShading: specifies minimum rate at which sample shaing takes place

Function Definition

 void glMinSampleShading(GLfloat value​);
Specifies the rate at which samples are shaded within each covered pixel.


glMinSampleShading specifies the rate at which samples are shaded within a covered pixel. Sample-rate shading is enabled by calling glEnable with the parameter GL_SAMPLE_SHADING. If GL_MULTISAMPLE or GL_SAMPLE_SHADING is disabled, sample shading has no effect. Otherwise, an implementation must provide at least as many unique color values for each covered fragment as specified by value​ times samples​ where samples​ is the value of GL_SAMPLES for the current framebuffer. At least 1 sample for each covered fragment is generated.

A value​ of 1.0 indicates that each sample in the framebuffer should be indpendently shaded. A value​ of 0.0 effectively allows the GL to ignore sample rate shading. Any value between 0.0 and 1.0 allows the GL to shade only a subset of the total samples within each covered fragment. Which samples are shaded and the algorithm used to select that subset of the fragment's samples is implementation dependent.


The type of the value​ parameter was changed from GLclampf to GLfloat. This change is transparent to user code.



Associated Gets

glGet with argument GL_MIN_SAMPLE_SHADING.

glGet with argument GL_SAMPLES.

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