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Webinar: Introduction to the Vulkan Loader March 23

• Tags: Webinar Vulkan Event


Don’t miss theIntroduction to the Vulkan Loader webinar on Tuesday March 23rd at 8am PDT. The Vulkan loader plays a critical role in your Vulkan application by loading the drivers and layers available on your system. This webinar will provide a deep dive into the design and behavior of the loader's interfaces between applications, layers, and drivers. The main presentation is followed by a Q&A session.
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xeogl extended to load glTF models with PBR materials

• Tags: engine glTF WebGL

Xeolabs developer Lindsay Kay this month extended xeogl to load glTF models with PBR materials, for both metallic/roughness and specular/glossiness work flows, using the FRAUNHOFER_materials_pbr extension. This is still a work in progress, as they are following along behind the current development of the glTF 2.0 spec. xeogl is a WebGL-based 3D engine that's geared towards visualization applications in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).
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Happy 1st Birthday Vulkan

• Tags: Vulkan phoronix


One year ago on February 16th, Vulkan was brought into our world. Khronos would like to thank the community for helping to make Vulkan what it is today.

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NVIDIA 378.66 drivers for Windows offer OpenCL 2.0 evaluation support

• Tags: windows drivers OpenCL

NVIDIA graphics driver for Windows version 378.66 is now offering some OpenCL 2.0 support. From the release notes: "New features in OpenCL 2.0 are available in the driver for evaluation purposes only." Some known issues include: The current implementation is limited to 64-bit platforms only; OpenCL 2.0 allows kernels to be enqueued with global_work_size larger than the compute capability of the NVIDIA GPU. The current implementation supports only combinations of global_work_size and local_work_size that are within the compute capability of the NVIDIA GPU; For executing kernels (whether from the host or the device), OpenCL 2.0 supports non-uniform ND-ranges where global_work_size does not need to be divisible by the local_work_size. This capability is not yet supported in the NVIDIA driver, and therefore not supported for device side kernel enqueues.
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GLUS docs for OpenGL and OpenVG now on Github

• Tags: OpenGL OpenVG

GLUS for OpenGL and OpenVG documentation can now be found on Github. The cross platform and cross Graphic Library UtilitieS (GLUS) is an open-source C library, which provides a hardware and operating system abstraction plus many functions usually needed for graphics programming using OpenGL, OpenGL ES or OpenVG.
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Vulkan vs OpenGL ES for a 3D satellite navigation app on PowerVR

• Tags: Vulkan OpenGL ES

The PowerVR architecture is quick to support the latest technologies, and the Vulkan API is a case in point. Follow Imagination as they walk through a comparison of OpenGL ES and Vulkan.
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Basemark Rocksolid AR/VR Engine using Vulkan

• Tags: gdc Vulkan

Rocksolid Engine is Basemark's ultra-fast rendering solution, targeting AR and VR devices and applications. It's a lightweight, portable graphics engine for mission critical rendering needs. Basemark will be showcasing AR and architectural Revit CAD model demos running pure-bred Vulkan with minimal resource and power consumption at both GDC and this years MWC.
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Intel moving from beta to full official support for Vulkan on Windows going forward

• Tags: windows Vulkan

Intel announces that they are moving from beta support to full official support for the Vulkan API (version on Windows going forward.
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CroTeam Serious Sam Fusion includes Vulkan support for all recent games

• Tags: Vulkan Gaming CroTeam


In a recent blog post, Croteam announced 'Serious Sam Fusion 2017' is the label the team has given to a large update that will be hitting all of its recent games. All games starting at Serious Sam 3 will be playable on SteamOS, Linux, and macOS. Croteam is also removing DirectX 9 support in favour of the Vulkan API.
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ProtoTech WebGL Revit Exporter adds Virtual Reality option

• Tags: WebGL

CAD enhancement specialist ProtoTech has updated its WebGL exporter for Autodesk Revit with the ability to create virtual reality scenes from Revit model data.
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