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Videos from Vulkan DevU in Vancouver now online


There are seven videos from the January Khronos Vulkan DevU in Vancouver on Youtube now.
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A-Frame now support glTF

glTF support has landed! This is an early, but more performant alternative to COLLADA and OBJ formats, and we’ll likely see it becoming heavily adopted in WebVR.
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Khronos VR standardisation initiative gets massive response

The Khronos Group recently launched an initiative to standardise the way VR applications access the many available hardware platforms that have arrived on the scene over the last couple of years. On its website Khronos identifies industry demand as driving the initiative and judging by the number of companies that have added their names to the announcement and the industry leaders who have supplied quotes, that is no exaggeration.
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Mesa 13.0.4 Released with RadeonSI and Intel ANV Vulkan Driver Improvements

Mesa 13.0.4 3D Graphics Library is a pretty hefty updated including a total of 63 changes across all areas.This update makes the Intel ANV Vulkan driver compatible with the latest Vulkan loaders, and implements multiple compliance and rendering fixes. Some loop optimization related hangs were fixed for the r600 driver, a missing glproto dependency has been added for gallium-xlib glx, and the Radeon RADV Vulkan driver supports loader interface v3.
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NVIDIA Releases GeForce 376.80 Beta Vulkan Support Driver

NVIDIA released the GeForce 376.80 Beta drivers with bug fixes.
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Xenko Game Studio docs include Vulkan and OpenGL ES

A recent update to the Xenko Engine docs include how to select your platform, including Vulkan, OpenGL and OpenGL ES.
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Intel FPGAs Break Record for Deep Learning Facial Recognition using OpenCL SDK

Today Intel announced record results on a new benchmark in deep learning and convolutional neural networks (CNN). The test took place in Nanjing City, China, where ZTE’s engineers used Intel’s midrange Arria 10 FPGA for a cloud inferencing application using a CNN algorithm. The benchmark was achieved on a server holding 4S Intel Xeon E5-2670v3 processors running at 2.30GHz, 128GB DDR4; Intel PSG Arria 10 FPGA Development Kit with one 10AGX115 FPGA, 4GB DDR4 SODIMM, Intel Quartus Prime and OpenCL SDK v16.1. Besides the impressive increase in performance, the team at the ZTE Wireless Institute sped design time with the use of the OpenCL programming language.
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WebGL 2.0 lands in Firefox

With the release of Firefox 51, WebGL 2.0 support has landed! WebGL is a standard API to render 3D graphics in the Web. To date, we have been able to use WebGL 1.0 (based on OpenGL ES 2) to render fancy graphics into a <canvas> element. WebGL 2.0, however, is based on the OpenGL ES 3.0 specification, which introduces new features – many of them aimed at increasing performance and visual fidelity.
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Low-level plugins in Unity WebGL

Have you ever needed/wanted to re-use existing C/C++ code in a web page? Perhaps a graphics effect written in OpenGL ES? With Unity WebGL there is a way! A Unity blog post on how to implement a low level plugin.
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Vulkan Video Tutorial series in German

A new Vulkan Video tutorial series on Youtube. This tutorial is done in German.
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