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SC16 Codeplay videos are now online

• Tags: videos supercomputing OpenCL

Khronos made videos of three presentations from Codeplay at the Khronos Booth. The videos cover "Heterogeneous C++ dispatch: Comparing SYCL to HPX, KoKKos, & Raja, "Khronos SYCL Parallel STL Open-source Project" and "Getting Your Hands on SYCL Using the ComputeCpp Community Edition"
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WebGL screencast series from David Parker

• Tags: Tutorials videos WebGL

David Parker is publishing WebGL Screencasts and Tutorials. Currently there are 17 episodes online with more planned. David is a software developer and entrepreneur who's main interests include WebGL and Indie Game Development, as well he created the OpenGL Screencasts and Tutorials back in 2014.
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COLLADA BOF Videos from Siggraph 2011 now online

• Tags: SIGGRAPH pipeline BOF videos Blender technology COLLADA

The complete COLLADA BOF video set is now online. Presentations cover Remi Arnaud of Screampoint, Marco Tillmann, Nathan Letwory, Uli Klumpp from Smith Micro and Daniel Meiwes from Oregon State University.
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OpenGL BOF Videos from Siggraph 2011 now online

• Tags: AMD API nvidia SIGGRAPH BOF videos technology OpenGL

The complete OpenGL BOF video set is now online. Watch Barthold Lichtenbelt from NVIDIA discuss what is new with OpenGL 4, Jon Leech ARB Ecosystem TSG Chair deliver an ecosystem update, Bill Licea-Kane from AMD talk about GLSL tips and tricks and Ian Williams also from NVIDIA discuss Viewperf 12. Slides to go along with the videos are available online.
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COLLADA now has their own Vimeo video group

• Tags: videos COLLADA

COLLADA started a Video Group on There are already 19 videos in the group, and you are invited to share your own COLLADA videos with group.
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Apple releases free Tech Talks 2009 videos covering OpenGL ES and much more

• Tags: apple Tutorials videos iDevice

Apple announced the availability of free iPhone Tech Talks 2009 videos for iPhone Developer Program members. The presentations are given by Apple's Technology Evangelists and take a deep dive into app design and coding techniques. Presentation topics in the videos include: audio development, using video effectively, user interface design, Core Data, OpenGL ES, using Web content, testing and debugging apps, using location and maps, and push notification.
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ATI Stream OpenCL Technical Overview Video Series

• Tags: GPU AMD API SDK videos OpenCL

AMD Developer Centeral has posted the ATI Stream OpenCL Technical Overview Video Series. The series of 5 videos provides ATI Stream developers an overview of the OpenCL API and OpenCL C programming language.

Here is a summary of the videos by AMD's Justin Hensley:

  • Video 1: What is OpenCL? (7:44)
  • Video 2: What is OpenCL? (continued) (6:37)
  • Video 3: Resource Setup (11:06)
  • Video 4: Kernel Execution (13:00)
  • Video 5: Programming with OpenCL C (17:59)

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