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Videos from Vulkan DevU in Vancouver now online

• Tags: video DevU Vulkan devU


There are seven videos from the January Khronos Vulkan DevU in Vancouver on Youtube now.
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Vulkan Renderer In The Works For A PlayStation Emulator

• Tags: video Vulkan Gaming phoronix

The LibRetro crew is now working on a Vulkan renderer for a PlayStation One emulator. They have a Vulkan renderer working for the Beetle PSX, but the code hasn't been published yet. In the past few days the LibRetro crew uploaded some YouTube videos showing the Vulkan-renderered PlayStation One emulator in action.
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First comparison of Vulkan API vs OpenGL ES API on ARM

• Tags: video Vulkan OpenGL ES

Vulkan API supports multithreading, which is particularly important for mobile platforms. Multithreading enables the system to balance the workload across multiple CPUs, allowing for lower voltage and frequency. The results give considerable energy savings compared to OpenGL ES API. In this video from ARM, you can see just how big a difference there is between OpenGL ES and Vulkan.

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Khronos BOFs from SIGGRAPH Video, Slides and Photos… now online

• Tags: SIGGRAPH video Presentation Photography

Khronos has put online a lot of the BOF content from the SIGGRAPH. There a lots of photos here and here, hi-res video from the live stream and all of the slides from the presentations.
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Qualcomm Vulkan Tutorials on Youtube

• Tags: video Tutorials qualcomm Vulkan

Qualcomm has released the 5th part of their Vulkan Tutorials on Youtube. This video gives developers details on the steps involved to render a triangle in Vulkan. Learn more about Vulkan and the Adreno SDK
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The Vision API Maze: Options and Trade-offs

• Tags: video Tutorials OpenVX

Neil Trevett, President of the Khronos Group, presents the "Vision API Maze: Options and Trade-offs" video tutorial, (free registration required) at the May 2016 Embedded Vision Summit. In this presentation, Neil Trevett, President of the Khronos Group standards organization, updates the landscape of APIs for vision software development, explaining where each one fits in the development flow. Neil also highlights where these APIs overlap and where they complement each other, and previews some of the latest developments in these APIs.
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Video and slides now available from Vulkan DevDay UK 2016

• Tags: video Vulkan Event

The Khronos UK Chapter held their 3rd Vulkan Developer event which took a longer and deeper dive in programming 3D graphics using the Vulkan API. The video and slides from this event are now online.
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Two new videos in the Intel SDK for OpenCL tutorial series

• Tags: intel video Tutorials OpenCL

Debugging with Intel SDK for OpenCL Applications: This video demonstrate how to use Intel SDK for OpenCL API debugger to debug your application’s host code and how to use Intel SDK for OpenCL CPU Kernel Debugger to debug your OpenCL kernels. Performance Analysis with Intel SDK for OpenCL Applications: This video demonstrate how to use Intel SDK for OpenCL analysis tools to identify performance bottlenecks in the host API calls and optimize the kernel code to get better utilization and reduce the latency on Intel® Processor Graphics.
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OpenVX Tutorial Videos from 2016 Embedded Vision Summit now online

• Tags: API video Tutorials OpenVX Event


Khronos sponsored a day long course covering both the function-based API and the graph API that enable OpenVX developers to efficiently run computer vision algorithms on heterogeneous computing architectures. One section explains the tutorial exercises with a VirtualBox VM, which can be downloaded from the tutorial on Github. The Embedded Vision Summit schedule is located here, the tutorial is on Github and the associated videos from the day long tutorial are available on Youtube.
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Imagination and ELVEES collaborate on multi-platform video analytics SoC with OpenVX support

• Tags: video OpenVX Imagination

ELVEES companies group and Imagination Technologies announce the ELVEES Image Semantic Engine (ELISE), a unique next-generation multi-platform SoC offering a wide range of video analytics markets. Companies can use the new ELISE chip to develop a new generation of IP cameras with video analysis and a wide range of OEM modules. Unique hierarchical ELISE tools have been developed, including libraries for the Khronos OpenVX API and the innovative VIPE tool for vision and general purpose algorithm development on mixed multi-platform CPU/Velcore/GPU SoC systems.
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