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Petapath creates OpenCL Twibe to help development

Petapath is actively using OpenCL for internal development purposes. "With only a single public Beta of a GPU OpenCL driver available it’s certainly early days for using OpenCL in earnest. Even the OpenCL forum at the Khronos Goup has a limited amount of traffic from users (but people who are working hard on OpenCL are definitely there to help)." says the Petapath website. Petapath is going to start posting comments and experiences they've had with OpenCL. Petapath has also created an OpenCL Twitter Twibe on which they will post interesting news, links and related information. The Khronos Group is also on twitter.
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CNN utilizes WebGL in their Ecosphere Twitter discussions

The CNN Ecosphere Project was conceived by Heimat-Berlin and developed and produced by Minivegas (Amsterdam, Los Angeles) in partnership with Stinkdigital (London, New York). Utilizing WebGL to visualize represent growing discussions on twitter.
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Khronos on Social Media

If you prefer to get your news through social media outlets, like Facebook and Twitter, the Khronos Group can be found there too! We've got our main Twitter account and Facebook page covering OpenCL, OpenGL, WebGL and COLLADA. We've got a good selection of videos from our various shows on YouTube as well.
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