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Mini Tutorial: Import and Export 3D COLLADA files with C#/.NET

A short tutorial detailing how to Import and Export COLLADA files with C#/.NET.
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WebGL – GLGE adds LOD Support

You can now specify the mesh and material to use for a given pixel size.
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OpenGL Tutorial at GPU Technology ConferenceAt the GPU Technology Conference

At the GPU Technology Conference in San Jose on Monday, September 20th, join Mark Kilgard for a pre-conference tutorial on NVIDIA's OpenGL support. Mark will discuss and demonstrate features of OpenGL 4.1 including programmable tessellation.
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A new tutorial on COLLADA loading for DirectX

This is a complete tutorial for loading static, skinned and morphing meshes from COLLADA and rendering them correctly in DirectX. Full source code with example .dae files and documentation.
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OpenCL tutorial in two parts

Rob Farber has an in-depth two part tutorial on OpenCL. The first part of the tutorial will get you going using the ATI Stream software development kit (SDK). Part two of the OpenCL tutorial covers memory spaces and the OpenCL memory hierarchy, as well, how to start thinking in terms of work items and work groups. Both parts contain lots of code examples to help the novice OpenCL programmer get started.
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OpenCL quickstart tutorials

A focus on OpenCL API basics, covering the basic management using a small kernel as example. Lots of examples to help you get going quickly.
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WebGL Tutorial for Chemistry using PhiloGL

The Signals Blog has started a tutorial series on WebGL for Chemistry. To-date, only the first two tutorials in the series are complete, however it is looking to be a very promising tutorial.
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Learning Modern 3D Graphics Programming

Learning graphics programming in the era of shaders can seem daunting. This website's tutorials provide a firm foundation for understanding how to use modern shader-based hardware for graphics development. No prior graphics programming experience is expected. OpenGL v3.3 is used to demonstrate rendering techniques. Topics covered include: * Vertex transformations * Lighting, diffuse and specular, per-vertex and per-fragment. * HDR lighting and gamma correction.
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Third part of an in-depth tutorial to OpenGL

The last part of this series about OpenGL and OpenGL ES on DB-Interactively blog. The other tutorials came with a sample project to iPhone/iPad and covered the most important concepts of OpenGL. This last tutorial comes with a lot of informations about how to make 2D applications using OpenGL. As well, this tutorial brings:

  • Multisampling
  • PVRTC and textures
  • Optimizations

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Anjuta Project Wizards for AMD, NVidia and Intel OpenCL SDK

Aiming at increasing the OpenCL developing, I created some wizards to start up an OpenCL application project using the SDK from NVidia, AMD or Intel. I've used Anjuta DevStudio on Linux. There is a lack of OpenSource IDE and tools to develop GPU applications, these wizards help us to create OpenCL applications based on templates and, thus, to decrease the learning curve.
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