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Khronos at SIGGRAPH - News, BOFs and lots of prizes this year

The Khronos Group has a pavilion at SIGGRAPH Vancouver this year. With 7 booths to accommodate a few of the Khronos Members like AMD, Codeplay, DMP, Fixstars and HUONE, lots of demos and five Birds of a Feather events this year, there is lots happening with Khronos. There will be lots of prizes at the BOFs including Quadro 5000 and FirePro graphics cards, an SSD Drive books and t-shirts. Most importantly there will be some significant news announcements this year.
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AMD Updates OpenCL Software Development Kit

AMD AMD today announced availability of the AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP) Software Development Kit (SDK) v2.5. Featuring advances in CPU to GPU data throughput, the latest version of the APP SDK provides developers a solid foundation to take full advantage of Accelerated Processing Units (APUs), including the latest AMD A-Series APUs offering brilliant HD graphics, supercomputer-like performance and All-Day battery life. AMD is at SIGGRAPH this week offering OpenCL courses and training on using gDEBugger, an OpenGL and OpenCL debugger and memory analyzer.
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Imagination, Vector Fabrics team on OpenCL

Imagination Technologies is working with Vector Fabrics BV to apply parallelization to software to be distributed across application processors that include PowerVR SGX graphics cores. The use of the OpenCL-based vfEmbedded code development, analysis and parallelization tool will be demonstrated in the booth of Imagination Technologies at SIGGRAPH this week.
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WebGL, OpenCL and OpenGL BOF at SIGGRAPH Vancouver today - August 10th!

The Khronos Group will be holding three of the five SIGGRAPH BOFs today, August 10th. Starting off the show at 10am be sure not to miss the WebGL BOF in the Vancouver Convention Centre - Room 122 (West Building). Meet and greet some of the developers behind WebGL. Moving along to OpenCL in the Pan Pacific Hotel Crystal Ballroom B&C at 1:30PM. Lots of prizes to here for those that really know their OpenCL. Finally, at 4PM, also in the Pan Pacific Hotel Crystal Ballroom B&C, the much anticipated OpenGL. Even more prizes for those OpenGL trivia buffs. We hope to see all of you there today!
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SIGGRAPH 2011 Khronos Pavilion worth checking out

Not sure where to start at SIGGRAPH 2011? Make your first stop at the Khronos Group Pavilion. Lots of give-aways and lots of demo's from ARM (665), Codeplay (766), DMP (664), Fixstars (667) and HUONE (762) all part of the Khronos Pavilion (663 & 764). Stop in to say Hi and learn about WebGL, OpenCL, OpenGL, OpenGL ES and COLLADA.
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THEIA VR real-time interaction using OpenCL on AMD FirePro V7900 & Eyefinity

AMD Demo of Optis THEIA VR using OpenCL on an AMD FirePro V7900 at the AMD Booth at SIGGRAPH 2011 in Vancouver. The real-time rendered Bentley model is created from six views folded into a box, with stitched edges to become a fully interactive environment. This process enables designers and engineers to analyze and optimize the lighting performance of future products while increasing design productivity.
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SIGGRAPH attendees show high level of interest in OpenCL™ technology

SIGGRAPH 2011 in Vancouver last week had a very high level of interest in OpenCL™ as demonstrated by SIGGRAPH attendees. The Exhibitor Tech Talk on “OpenCL and OpenGL/DirectX interoperability” presented by Olivier Zegdoun of AMD’s ISV Workstation team had seating for over 90 attendees and was standing room only. The OpenCL Birds-of-a-Feather with presentations from AMD, Intel, Nvidia and Codeplay over 200 attendees, and when asked who was already using OpenCL approximately half of the attendees raised their hands.
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Japanese media interview with Khronos on OpenGL 4.2 and its advantages over DirectX

Neil Trevett, president of The Khronos Group, met with Japanese media at SIGGRAPH 2011 in Vancouver, to discuss the recent OpenGL 4.2 announcement and the momentum of the OpenGL advantage against DirectX.
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OpenGL BOF Videos from Siggraph 2011 now online

The complete OpenGL BOF video set is now online. Watch Barthold Lichtenbelt from NVIDIA discuss what is new with OpenGL 4, Jon Leech ARB Ecosystem TSG Chair deliver an ecosystem update, Bill Licea-Kane from AMD talk about GLSL tips and tricks and Ian Williams also from NVIDIA discuss Viewperf 12. Slides to go along with the videos are available online.
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COLLADA BOF Videos from Siggraph 2011 now online

The complete COLLADA BOF video set is now online. Presentations cover Remi Arnaud of Screampoint, Marco Tillmann, Nathan Letwory, Uli Klumpp from Smith Micro and Daniel Meiwes from Oregon State University.
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