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Khronos Group announces OpenGL 3.2 and GLSL 1.5 Quick Reference Cards available for download today

The Khronos Group has a nice OpenGL and OpenGL Shader Language Quick Reference Card for OpenGL 3.2 and GLSL 1.5. You can download the OpenGL Quick Reference Card in PDF format today from the Khronos OpenGL spec page.
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Updated OpenCL Reference Card now available

The Khronos Group has posted an updated version of the OpenCL 1.x Reference card online. This is a free download in PDF format.
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WebGL cheat-sheet available for download

Learning WebGL pointed us at Nihilogic, which has put together a very nice WebGL cheat-sheet.
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Khronos Group launches online OpenCL man pages

The Khronos Group recently launched online OpenCL Reference pages. The reference pages compliment the currently existing OpenCL Registry, the OpenCL Reference Card, and the OpenCL Reference Poster.
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Khronos Group OpenGL ES 2.0 Reference Card now available for download

The Khronos Group has just finished the latest in their series of reference cards. This reference card is for OpenGL ES 2.0 and can be downloaded in PDF format today. Both the OpenGL ES 2.0 API and the OpenGL ES Shading Language 1.0 are covered in detail.
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DAZ COLLADA Interoperability information

Using COLLADA with DAZ Studio and Carrara? Find out quickly which features of COLLADA are compatible between DAZ Studio and Carrara. The DAZ3D Artzone has a concise list online for reference.
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OpenWF Display quick reference card now available

The OpenWF Work Group has released the OpenWF Display 1.0 Quick Reference card. You can view or download the card today. The OpenWF Composition 1.0 Quick Reference Card is also available.
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IndieGoGo project for OpenCL 2.0 reference manual has been started

Vincent Hindriksen from Streamcomputing has started an IndieGoGo project for an OpenCL 2.0 reference manual.If you feel his project is worthy, pop over and donate!
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