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GWT Quake II port brings Quake II to the browser via WebGL

• Tags: 3D API Browser quake WebGL Gaming

The GWT Quake II port project uses WebGL, the Canvas API, HTML 5

CopperLicht JavaScript 3D engine released, using WebGL

• Tags: 3D Game Engines quake WebGL COLLADA

CopperLicht, a fast JavaScript 3D engine has been released today in its first public version. It uses WebGL and is able to render huge 3d worlds like Quake 3 levels (see the demos) at playable speeds. It comes with a full 3d world editor to edit levels and maps and is free to be used. Via it's world editor, CopperLicht is able to import more than 20 3D file formats (like .3ds, .obj, .x, .lwo, COLLADA etc), so it is very easy to create content using this 3d engine. This is the first public release of CopperLicht, so Ambiera, the developer behind this 3d engine is happy about any suggestions, feature requests and comments.   Read More