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Unigine Planning For Vulkan Support Later This Year

Unigine Corp has publicly confirmed that they expect to have Vulkan support later this year, "Vulkan support is in the roadmap for the engine this year." Read the complete story.
Read More Working To Improve OpenCL’s Community Documentation

Phoronix posted about the newly revised website: "The folks behind StreamComputing BV are looking to strengthen the OpenCL compute ecosystem by improving the documentation and code samples as well as better overviews for those wishing to learn this Khronos compute standard." Learn more about on Phoronix or on StreamComputing.
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Blender 2.79 Is Bringing Performance Improvements, Better OpenCL

With Blender 2.79, OpenCL support has improved and should be closer to parity with Blender's CUDA capabilities. The OpenCL Cycles renderer has shorter render times by up to 50% in some cases, tiles are now seen updating while rendering, support for SSS and volume rendering, optimized transparent shadows, and various fixes.
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POCL 0.14 OpenCL Implementation Released

The Portable Computing Language (POCL) has issued a new release of their open-source CPU-based OpenCL implementation. This new version of POCL continues relying upon LLVM and with this release adds support for LLVM/Clang 4.0 and 3.9.
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ARM announces Computer Vision and Machine Learning library with OpenCL

ARM has open-sourced a new compute library with GPU support via OpenCL as well as CPU support with NEON usage. The ARM Compute Library works on both Linux and Android. Source: Phoronix.
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Chromium/Chrome Browser Adds A glTF Parser

Google's Chrome / Chromium web-browser has added a native glTF 1.0 parser. There are glTF utility libraries in JavaScript and other web-focused languages, but Google adding a native glTF 1.0 parser appears to be related to their VR push with supporting VR content on the web.
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ARM Talks Mali Vulkan

At Linaro Connect 17 this past week in Budapest, Vulkan was talked about at the ARM's Mali graphics drivers session, as well as the lack of current open-source drivers due to lack of customer demand.

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Phoronix chats with Khronos president Neil Trevett about Vulkan, OpenXR, SPIR-V In 2017

Phoronix had a call with The Khronos Group president Neil Trevett to discuss some of their latest initiatives and the ongoing advancements to the Vulkan API, WebGL, SPIR-V, and more. Read about some of the highlights.
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Happy 1st Birthday Vulkan


One year ago on February 16th, Vulkan was brought into our world. Khronos would like to thank the community for helping to make Vulkan what it is today.

Learn more about Vulkan today

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Croteam Rolls Out Stable Talos Principle Update With Vulkan Enhancements

Croteam has also released an update to The Talos Principle that includes improvements to its Vulkan renderer that was previously available as beta.
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