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Altera Quartus II Software Version 12.1 Accelerates System Development

Altera Corporation announced the release of its Quartus II software version 12.1 design suite for CPLD, FPGA, SoC FPGA and HardCopy ASIC designs. Quartus II bolsters its support for high-level design flows with the inclusion of an SDK for OpenCL, and enhancements to both its Qsys system integration tool and DSP Builder model based design environment.
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OCL-MLA and SKA for OpenCL

Two OpenCL resources to help get your through the long weekend: OCL-MLA as the name implies: a mid-level set of abstractions to make OpenCL development easier by providing a set of compile-time configurable logical devices that are mapped to actual node-level device resources; SKA is a static kernel analyzer which combines a static, linear pipeline simulator (similar to the IBM spu_timing tool) with architectural heuristics to model in-order instruction issue and pipeline behavior.
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Khronos Releases Significant OpenCL 1.2 Specification Update

The Khronos™ Group today announced the ratification and public release of an update to the OpenCL™ 1.2 specification, the open, royalty-free standard for cross-platform, parallel programming of modern processors. This backwards compatible version updates the core OpenCL 1.2 specification with bug fixes and clarifications and defines additional optional extensions for enhanced performance, functionality and robustness for parallel programming on a wide variety of platforms. There is a community feedback thread available in the OpenCL forums.
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AMD APP SDK 2.8 up to 2.3x faster, includes BOLT open source C++ template library

OpenCL News is reporting that the new APP SDK 2.8 includes dozens of new and improved samples for OpenCL, Aparapi and C++ AMP that deliver significantly faster performance than APP SDK 2.7 – up to 2.3x faster on average in nine key benchmarks. The APP SDK 2.8 also includes a preview version of AMD’s new open source C++ template library, codename "Bolt."
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AMD releases CodeXL 1.0 unified developer tool suite

AMD has released the V1.0 of CodeXL, a unified developer tool suite that enables developers to quickly and easily identify performance issues and programming errors in applications, without requiring source code modifications.
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OpenCL CodeBench developer Amdahl Joins ARM Connected Community

Amdahl Software announced it is a new member in the ARM Connected Community. Amdahl Software augments the benefits of ARM multi-core platforms by simplifying and automating software development.
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Real-time multiview conversion technology at CES with OpenCL

DTI will present their latest 3D displays showcasing 3D Impact Media's real-time 2D-3D multiview conversion technology based on OpenCL. See and meet us at booth #36385 at the Southeast corner of South Hall 4.
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Whitepaper on leveling the playing field for processors with OpenCL

The question of whether OpenCL will eventually help displace GPGPU, by facilitating "GP-something-else" - "general-purpose" accelerators which aren't like GPUs is discussed in a whitepaper by Yosef Kreinin. (via Adapteva)
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X86-workstation buying guide for OpenCL developers, Q1 2013

Do you want to start developing with OpenCL? Be sure to check out the buying advice from StreamComputing before going out to purchase a workstation. In short, you should follow this order when spending your money: Memory, SSD & RAID, Motherboard, Discrete GPU, (Embedded GPU), CPU.
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Intel released SDK for OpenCL with Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor support

The Intel SDK for OpenCL Applications XE 2013 Beta adds OpenCL 1.2 features on both Intel Xeon Processor and Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor for Linux OSs for the benefit of OpenCL applications in the domain of high performance compute. With this new non-conformant Beta software, OpenCL applications can be optimized to run on Intel Xeon processor, Intel Core Processor, Intel HD Graphics, and the new Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor. You can download the XE Beta version at from our website.
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