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Khronos Welcomes back CEVA as Contributor Member

CEVA is the leading licensor of wireless connectivity and smart sensing technologies. They offer Digital Signal Processors, AI processors, wireless platforms and complementary software for sensor fusion, image enhancement, computer vision, voice input and artificial intelligence, all of which are key enabling technologies for a smarter, connected world.

Khronos Welcomes Threedium as newest Associate Member

We strive to create the most engaging and interactive online experience through our 3D digital ads & E-commerce solutions. Our technology provides memorable brand experiences, drive product consideration, and deliver conversions fare above the industry average.

Khronos Welcomes Beijing Jingdong Shangke Information Technology Co. as Contributor Member

The Khronos Group welcomes (short for Beijing Jingdong Shangke Information Technology Co.) as the Khronos Group’s news Contributor Member. is China’s leading one-stop e-commerce platform, providing over 320 million active customers with direct access to an unrivalled range of authentic, high-quality products, and helping leading local and international brands tap into China’s fast-growing e-commerce market.

Khronos Welcomes newest Contributor Member Deloitte Consulting

In the United States, Deloitte LLP and its subsidiaries have 80,000 professionals with a single focus: Serving our clients and helping them solve their toughest problems. Digital reality is the next transformation after PC, web, and mobile. It may dramatically alter the way we interact and use technology and data.

Khronos Welcomes newest Contributor Member Shopify

The Khronos Group would like to welcome Contributor Member Shopify. Shopify powers over 800,000 business worldwide as the leading multi-channel commerce platform that helps merchants design, set up, and manage their stores. Today, Shopify joins the Khronos Group to help lead the charge in 3D Commerce - another step in future-proofing their merchants and making commerce better for everyone.

Khronos Group Welcomes Acer as Contributor Member

Founded in 1976, today Acer is one of the world’s top ICT companies and has a presence in over 160 countries. As Acer looks into the future, it is focused on enabling a world where hardware, software and services will fuse with one another to open up new possibilities for consumers and businesses alike.

Khronos Welcomes Newest Associate Member Marxent

Marxent is the leader in 3D Asset Management for ecommerce. Marxent’s 3D Cloud is the 3D product visualization platform trusted by Macy’s, John Lewis Partners, Ashley Furniture, and other major retailers in the US and Europe. Hosting hundreds of thousands of products and interacting with millions of users per month, the Marxent 3D Cloud is the proven, enterprise 3D product visualization platform.

Khronos Welcomes Newest Associate Member Emersya

The Khronos Group would like to welcome Associate Member Emersya. Emersya’s award winning 3D technology offers a new realm of capabilities for showcasing and customizing products online and in-store. Emersya’s Platform empowers brands to turn 3D models into the most advanced product experiences and embed them on any website, as easily as videos.

Khronos Welcomes Newest Associate Member 3XR

The Khronos Group would like to welcome Associate Member 3XR. 3XR empowers brands to enhance their online presence through a platform-based solution where brands can effectively create high quality, custom 3D content. Their platform provides a solution where brands can utilize a community of creators to develop high-quality, custom 3D content at scale.

Khronos Welcomes Newest Associate Member Cappasity

The Khronos Group would like to welcome Associate Member Cappasity. Cappasity lets companies create & deliver 3D/VR/AR experiences to blur the line between online and in-store shopping. It is the first scalable and easy-to-adopt solution for complex eCommerce projects that only takes 3 minutes/SKU to create a 3D and embed it into a store.

Khronos Welcomes Newest Associate Member migenius

The Khronos Group would like to welcome Associate Member migenius. The migenius mission is to bring technology into the market place that enables live 3D for all. By applying extensive experience on large scale commercial projects and the convergence of several key technologies, migenius makes high quality, 3D information, in the form of photorealistic imagery, available to the widest possible audience, with no need for expensive workstation computers or complex software. All that is required is an Internet connection and a web browser.