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Pico Pixel SDK and support for Khronos KTX files

Pico Pixel has added support for Khronos Texture Format (KTX). Also new is an SDK that makes it very easy to capture the color or depth buffer of any OpenGL program and send it to Pico Pixel for visualization.
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KTX library version 2.0 has been released along with new version of toktx

Version 2 adds support for ETC2 and EAC textures and conversion of legacy LUMINANCE* and INTENSITY* formats when loading in an OpenGL core context. It includes KTX loader tests for OpenGL ES 3.0 and OpenGL 3.3. In addition a couple of nasty bugs have been fixed including one in the KTX writer where image rows were not padded to 4 bytes as required by the spec. Complete details of the changes are located in the OpenGL ES SDK. A new version of toktx has also been released. New features are ability to create KTX files with textures in sized internal formats and defaulting to RED and RG formats for 1 and 2 channel textures. Naturally it incorporates the bug-fixed writer from libktx. Visit the KTX home page to download these tools.
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