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Kishonti Informatics Releases OpenCL Benchmark

Kishonti Informatics has launched the community version of CLBenchmark 1.1 Desktop Edition. CLBenchmark provides a free and easy-to-use tool for consumers and media professionals to compare the processing power of different hardware architectures.
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GLBenchmark 2.5 Beta 3 released!

Kishonti released GLBenchmark 2.5 Beta 3, a cross-platform graphics benchmark for OpenGL ES compliant mobile devices and embedded environments. Kishonti also makes CLBenchmark, a tool for comparing the computational performance of different platforms offering an unbiased way of testing and comparing the performance of implementations of OpenCL 1.1.
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Kishonti GFXBench 3.0: A Fresh Look At OpenGL ES and Mobile Benchmarking

The newly-released Kishonti GFXBench 3.0 is comprised of nearly all new tests, including battery, render quality, and the first serious OpenGL ES 3.0 performance metric. Newly introduced is the demanding Manhattan test, utilizing OpenGL ES 3.0-specific complex lighting, particles, and, most important, deferred shading. Tom's Hardware has a complete rundown of GFXBench and the GFXBench website contains lots of results for various mobile devices.
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